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  1. TRD Pro plows through bumper high water

    24 city 30 highway 27 all around. Just like the Grand Highlander...
  2. 2024 Tacoma Chief Engineer (Sheldon Brown) discusses new 2.4L turbo engine & reliability

    On my NX it is under the engine ( filter) and the oil fills/stick are up top. Takes me 15 minutes tops. Most of that is waiting for the old oil to drain out. Not sure with skid plates if they need removing but probably.
  3. 2024 Tacoma production begins December 2023. Hybrid Tacoma production starts April 2024.

    It's about years, not miles IIRC my CT200h battery was for 8 years. Ours is going on 12 yrs old no issues whatsoever. One thing to note they have a fan to cool the battery you will see the vent in the rear seat area. -keep them clear- People have them serviced to get the lint out of them or...
  4. Seventeen (17) 2024 Tacomas in Dealer Allocations (according to source)

    I read the comparison testing of the Zr2 and ATX4 they liked the GMC better giving me anecdotal evidence that is not most people's experience. It is opinion. The ATX4 is 300 lbs lighter and for me looks better. I'm sure the 48k truck was without extras. I searched dealers ' inventory bases. ...
  5. Inside Width 2024 vs 2012

    Interior 2024 Exterior Length : 212.3 in | 5392 mm. Width : 74.4 in | 1890 mm. Height : 70.6 in | 1793 mm. Wheelbase : 127.4 in | 3236 mm. Front Track : 63.0 in | 1600 mm. Rear Track : 63.2 in | 1605 mm. Ground Clearance : 9.4 in | 239 mm. Front Headroom : 39.7 in | 1008...
  6. Inside Width 2024 vs 2012

    Dimensions 2012 Length 208.1 in. Overall width without mirrors 74.6 in. Height 70.1 in. Wheelbase 127.4 in. Front track 63.0 in. Rear track 63.4 in. Bed length 60.3 in. Turning circle 40.7 ft. Ground clearance 9.3 in. Angle of approach 35.0 degrees Angle of departure 26.0...
  7. Seventeen (17) 2024 Tacomas in Dealer Allocations (according to source)

    Good luck with getting a Raptor @55k. Good luck getting one at any price. AT4X starts at 55k, I check inventory daily there are some in the mid-50s and others in the low to mid-60s. They are also going against very little competition until the new Ford Ranger and Taco come out, then they will...
  8. 2024 Tacoma Production Ramping Up!!

    Makes sense seeing the mules have been out all summer testing. They have a December release date they need to have the updates or changes from the mule program. Looking forward to spring and people getting their orders in...I need more information because it is a lot of coin.
  9. Rear Legroom & Headroom test by 6'2" 300lbs passenger in 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro and Trailhunter

    All he needed was a small table to fold down then it would be like an airplane seat.
  10. 2024 Tacoma w/ aftermarket lighting accessories and bed cap topper 🤩

    The vents are in the overfenders that's how you can tell the mules from production.
  11. Frontier vs. Tacoma

    That truck wouldn't make my top five. Tacoma-GMC AT4X, Chevy LS2, and the new Ford Ranger would be before a Frontier. Spending 50-60k you have to get what in your mind is the best truck for you. By the time the TRDPro and Trailhunter come out, we will know a lot more about GMC-Chevy's...
  12. Hood Scoop or not to Scoop ?

    Yup, like'em maybe there is a way to make it functional.
  13. Official WIND CHILL PEARL 2024 Toyota Tacoma Thread

    I'm praying that the bed isn't as slippery as it looks. I keep my dogs back there. I'll have to get some form or rubber mat.
  14. Leaked MPG ? [2024 Tacoma Trailhunter]

    Chevrolet Colorado MPG - Actual MPG from 1,691 Chevrolet Colorado owners (fuelly.com) The other thing with the Toyota is which engine and where were they driving it, mules are run hard and put away wet.
  15. Official: 2024 Tacoma Sales Begin in December 2023

    I will hold off as long as possible to let early adopters sort out the initial issues. :giggle: I do think they are trying harder to get this right with so many mules out though. -good sign
  16. Can Hybrid Tacoma models tow more than the gas models?

    Why does it matter they are giving you the tow capabilities? Direct from Toyota.
  17. Can Hybrid Tacoma models tow more than the gas models?

    Toyota Finally Unveils Full 2024 Tacoma Specs and Details - The Car Guide (guideautoweb.com)
  18. 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro @ Texas State Fair

    Bumper's rotted out...I've replaced mine in my 02 tundra. Snow melting crap they put down eats through even brake lines here.
  19. TRD Off-Road 2024 Tacoma in Celestial Silver Metallic - first on road sighting

    I've had trucks all my life, not one with an electric rear window. No big deal to me I have a cap on mine anyway for my dogs. I've got a slider now never use it. My cap has a slider too. Too much noise in the cabin for me. To each his own.
  20. [Update: QR loads 2023 page] 2024 Tacoma Pricing Revealed ($28,600 MSRP) or Marketing Error?

    I'm looking at the TRD Pro but my mind can be changed. So I'm going to have to look for out-of-area dealers that don't play MSRP games. I've always paid 6% or more under invoice. Those days are gonzo.