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  1. Kevin Chaos

    Hybrid LAND CRUISER 2.4L i-Force Max reviews are here; previews Hybrid Tacoma's performance

    I’m curious how easy it will be fitting 35(ish)” tires following the appropriate lift. I’m also curious how the LC will handle that change, including MPGs. I’m deciding between this and the iForce Max Taco [I have a first-spot deposit on a TRD OR iF Max at MSRP (+ silly fees 🙄)]. I like Raiti’s...
  2. Kevin Chaos

    HYBRID 2024 Tacoma Sneak Peek: First Drive Reviews Coming April 23rd!

    Agree! I’m also first on my dealership’s wait list. Is there a chance the iForce Max versions are released for model year 2025 only (no 2024) now?
  3. Kevin Chaos

    Same trail driven with different results than TFL ... 2024 Tacoma diff did not fail

    I agree with the nimble take. I can’t do the wheelbase of the long bed; it is not very off road-friendly. I also think the short beds look much better, and the long beds look a little goofy. The long beds appear anatomically awkward. But, to each their own! I’ve seen some beautiful long bed...
  4. Kevin Chaos

    First ever look at Bronze Oxide 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport

    Bronze oxide looks identical to pyrite mica; that’s the color I have now on my 2nd gen. I have a deposit on a 2024 OR in bronze oxide. The new Tacoma will look similar to my current truck in so many ways. Maybe Toyota brought back pyrite mica and gave it a new name.
  5. Kevin Chaos

    Initial Impressions: Manual 2024 Tacoma 6MT TRD Sport + (Canadian Build) & 2nd Gen Comparison Photos

    Thanks for that side-by-side! I have a 2nd gen OR (in my ID photo) in pyrite whatever and have a deposit on a 2024 OR hybrid in bronze oxide. The colors look identical (maybe Toyota brought the color back and gave it a different name). I’ve been curious how these two compare aesthetically...
  6. Kevin Chaos

    TRD OFF ROAD Hybrid limited to 5” bed and no TRD Upgrade package?

    I really hope the hybrid OR is available without the premium package. I have one reserved and was really hoping for fabric seats. I really don’t like the fake leather. I’m also not sure I want to pay the premium price for the many things I don’t need. 🤞
  7. Kevin Chaos

    ICON 2024 Tacoma Build : Billet UCA, Rear links, 2.5 Coilovers, Wheels, Falken Wildpeak A/T 285/70 Tires

    Truck looks amazing! I reserved an iForce Max OR in Bronze Oxide and will replace the wheels right away. Is it true the iForce Max Tacomas won’t be able to fit a 17” wheel? That really limits options if I need a 25 mm offset.
  8. Kevin Chaos

    New informative video from Toyota: 2024 Tacoma is the Ultimate Off-Roading Vehicle

    I hear ya. Many people agree with you. A 4Runner would work but they have that “I’m late picking the kid up from karate” look 😁. Maybe the new one though…I’d love a shorter wheelbase than what’s on the 2024 5’ bed Tacos. I have a hermit crab; no dogs anymore. Sounds like you have fun in your Tacoma!
  9. Kevin Chaos

    Accessories Installed: exhaust tip, bed step, bed cargo divider (molle style)

    That bed divider is cool. What did that run ya?
  10. Kevin Chaos

    Sport vs Offroad trim -- which one to choose?

    Nothing really, lol. I guess I appreciate the utility of the off-road capable pickup and find the attempted combination with a race car odd. I see it much like I might an RV made to also street race. Although, that could be cool too, I guess…
  11. Kevin Chaos

    Sport vs Offroad trim -- which one to choose?

    I’d say to get the Off-Road. It has more; it’s simply a better truck. It has been the overwhelmingly most popular trim among Tacoma enthusiasts (including myself) for many years. The Sport has the super silly NON-FUNCTIONAL hood scoop. Some share the opinion that the Sport is a little more of a...
  12. Kevin Chaos

    Driving Review: How 2024 Toyota Tacoma REALLY Drives! Tacoma Limited in the Hills

    I thought the Limited was full time 4WD. Did Toyota change something or is it that assumptions were incorrect?
  13. Kevin Chaos

    2024 Tacoma Build and Price Configurator Now Live! - Post Up Your Builds!!

    I’m still accepting the price tags for TRD OR iForce Max (which we don’t yet have, but we have a figure to determine what it will be more than) and am cross-shopping Broncos which have hefty price tags too. I’m planning on getting the Taco lifted with new wheels and tires straight from the...
  14. Kevin Chaos

    Seating position comparison: 4th gen vs 3rd gen Tacoma

    Does anyone know if the manually-adjusting seats have the ability to raise the seat up towards the roof of the truck? TRD Jon said it does, but I fear that I didn’t explain my question well. TRD Jon has been awesome! I can’t see where the adjustment to raise the seat would be on the manual...
  15. Kevin Chaos

    Fox Shock Rebuild required on 2024 TRD Pro

    That’ll be a deal breaker for me. I’ll take the Billsteins.
  16. Kevin Chaos

    Toyota Hybrid System Explained

    Agreed! According to Toyota, though, it is green (I guess?). The Tacoma hybrid is advertised as an addition to the “Beyond Zero” campaign suggesting contribution to gradual efforts to be “carbon neutral.” I’m not sure that makes a lot of sense to me. As you said, this seems to be a performance...
  17. Kevin Chaos

    2024 Tacoma Build and Price Configurator Now Live! - Post Up Your Builds!!

    Me neither! I also don’t want the giant 14 inch iPad placed crudely atop the dashboard. Looks like we could do the “TRD OR Upgrade Package (+no options).” That’s what I’ll hope to get, but with the hybrid powertrain.