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  1. Brunson

    DIY Matte Black Exhaust Tips on 2024 Tacoma (Spray Paint)

    DIY matte black exhaust tips on 2024 Tacoma using hi-temp spray paint.
  2. Brunson

    Body Side Moldings - how are they installed? Photos?

    2024 Tacoma Body Side Moldings
  3. Brunson

    Official SUPERSONIC RED 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    Supersonic Red 4th Gen Tacoma build looks great!
  4. Brunson

    Peak Suspension 2 Piece Trail Lift Kit installed on 2024 Tacoma Build (Supersonic Red)

    "Peak 2 Piece Trail Kit installed on 2024 Tacoma. 2.25" lift in front via a 2 piece collar lift and a 1" rear spring spacer to get back some of that lost height from the Leitner Rack and future RTT"
  5. Brunson

    2024 Tacoma OEM Factory Track Bar v. ICON Billet Rear Adjustable Track Bar

    Just saw this posted by ICON Vehicle Dynamics, comparing the factory OEM track bar vs. ICON Billet adjustable track bar...
  6. Brunson

    Hybrid 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro – Real World MPG HIghway Fuel Economy + Range Test @ 70 MPH

    TLDW version: 20 mpg @ 70 MPH / 61F degree outside temperature 360 miles on single tank of gas Keep in mind this is a preproduction TRD Pro he's testing.
  7. Brunson

    2024 Tacoma TRD Pro vs. Trailhunter - differences explained by chief engineer

    Chief engineer Sheldon Brown shares some insight into the Tacoma TRD Pro vs. Trailhunter ... what their different purposes are and their technical differences.
  8. Brunson

    2024 Tacoma TRD Pro 4th Gen – 10-speaker JBL Sound System Review

    DM Sound reviews the 2024 Tacoma 4th gen 10-speaker JBL Sound System. Nice to see a review focusing solely on the audio system/
  9. Brunson

    Bed stiffeners in Trailhunter?

    I haven't heard about bed stiffeners in any articles/videos I've seen. What are they exactly - a fortified bed?
  10. Brunson

    Apple CarPlay exit & docked menu bank coming - via infotainment / display OTA software update

    Via Autoblog - https://www.autoblog.com/2024/04/16/toyota-infotainment-apple-carplay/ Toyota adding Apple CarPlay escape, docked menu bank as OTA infotainment update Update will roll out to all Toyota and Lexus vehicles with the current system Toyota will be sending out an over-the-air update...
  11. Brunson

    What have you hauled? Post em up! 🏋🏻‍♀️

    I'm still waiting for the TRD Pro but curious to see what you guys have been hauling / carrying in your beds?? Post up your pics - anything from everyday mundane stuff to epic hauls, let's see em... I'll start with some test hauling by one of the press reviewers.
  12. Brunson

    Random 2024 Tacoma 4th Gen Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    Love this shot! The truck looks like it's chiseled out of a hunk of pure steel in this lighting 🤩
  13. Brunson

    MPG comparison test: Tacoma (2.4L turbo 4) vs. Ridgeline, Ranger, Colorado, Frontier, Gladiator

    TFL conducted a real life MPG test between the Tacoma, Ranger, Gladiator, Frontier and Ridgeline. MPG Results: Ridgeline - 26.4 mpg Tacoma - 26.3 mpg Ranger - 26 mpg Colorado - 24.4 mpg Frontier - 21.8 mpg Gladiator - 19.7 mpg
  14. Brunson

    Random 2024 Tacoma 4th Gen Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    Underground looks great in all conditions 🤩 Where were the first and second pics taken? Cool looking locations.
  15. Brunson

    Official UNDERGROUND 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    6' foot bed 2024 Tacoma SR5 Double Cab in Underground w/ 6-ft bed.
  16. Brunson

    2024 Tacoma TRD SPORT SuperSonic Red + Method 18" wheels with 285/70/18 Toyo Open Country A/T - No Rubbing

    Not mine but thought this was a nice build... 2024 Tacoma TRD SPORT in SuperSonic Red on Method 18" wheels with Toyo Open Country A/T tires 285/70/18. No rubbing says the owner
  17. Brunson

    Official TERRA 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    Terra TRD Pro at Calgary Auto Show