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  1. New Tacoma sighting, size perspective

    This is interesting because of the sizing. Compared to the Cherokee they seem similar height and width but strange that the chase vehicles are a suburban and Wagoneer. What do yall think about the cab? To me all the ones we have seen are extended cab and not crew cab. Thoughts?
  2. New Tacoma towing pics

    Saw these on another site obviously. Hopefully we will start seeing more over the next month or so
  3. When will we start seeing more?

    When do yall think we will start seeing more mules around? Any thoughts on when we might see an introduction? I'm hoping for a a summer unveil with a September sales date, but I think it's more realistic that it will follow the Tundra's pattern. September unveil with December sale date.
  4. Power train predictions

    I hope that he is wrong about skipping the Hybrid and going straight to electric.
  5. Predictions 2023/24 Tacoma Videos

    I occasionally watch this guy and he's usually pretty good. He has a series of videos of his predictions for the new Tacoma.