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  1. 📸 2024 Toyota Tacoma Production-Bodied Prototype Spied Testing

    I get that those are smallish wheels/tires, but those wheel wells look HUGE. Like 'stuff 35's in there with just a 1.5" level' huge. Agreed about the current trucks back seat. It isn't useful for carrying humans with legs. The rear door does look bigger compared to the mules though, so fingers...
  2. Insider: Next Gen 2024 Tacoma Will Get 2.4L Hybrid MAX Engine

    Full tech breakdown on the new engine here: Toyota engines - T24A-FTS ( Site has similar info on the Tundra V35 engine.
  3. 2024 Tacoma won't grow in size says Toyota executive

    I can keep my Silverado as long as I need to, and I suppose planning to trade it once the new Tacoma is available would get me past the 1st year of the new Colorado and Ranger models. The only spec I'm really waiting on is the back seat leg room. If that doesn't improve, I'm out.
  4. 2024 Tacoma won't grow in size says Toyota executive

    Sure has been quiet. Was hoping to get a few nuggets following the Colorado/Canyon reveal.
  5. 2024 Tacoma won't grow in size says Toyota executive

    Exactly! Width is fine, but the back seat won’t fit humans unless the front is occupied by… someone much shorter than myself. Hopefully they benchmarked the Gladiator and Ridgeline on this. GM looks to have taken away an inch from their just adequate back seat. Funny enough- I've actually...
  6. 2024 Tacoma (4th Gen) 920B Inside Info - Development, Ordering, Production, Availability

    At least by then they should be the last to the party: The Colorado/Canyon and Ranger should be well under way, and the Gladiator should have its mid-cycle refesh, complete with new Hybrid and Turbo powertrains All this makes me wonder if the current mules are even indicative of an eventual...
  7. Next Gen 2024 Tacoma BEV + ICE/Hybrid Rendering Previews + Design, Development, Ordering & Production Schedule

    The Tacoma is expected to get the T24 engine connected to a 10spd auto for the conventional powertrain. The big question I have is if the Tacoma Hybrid will have the A25 with a longitudinal hybrid trans (comparable powertrain in the Highlander and Sienna) or the T24/hybrid trans (comparable to...
  8. New 2024 Tacoma (4th Next Gen) Mule Off-Road Testing Reveals More Suspension Details -- 5/27/22

    The proportions of these mules are just strange. I get that the sides are basically a Tundra Double cab and short box. Just weird that they don't use current body parts on the mules, like the Tundra did.
  9. Next-Gen Toyota Tacoma Mules Caught Testing

    So standard Tundra wheelbase is 145.7". The Crewmax w/ 6ft bed is exactly 12" longer. That means a Double cab with a 5ft bed would be 12" shorter, or 133.7". That's 6" longer than a current swb Tacoma, or 7" shorter than a LWB. Based on these pictures, I would expect the new truck to get a bit...
  10. Is this Toyota EV Pickup Truck Concept an Electric Tacoma Hiding in Plain Sight?

    The EV truck really has all the details that you would expect from the next Tacoma. The grille opening looks wider than on the current truck. This would allow for a separate radiator for the charge air cooler to sit next to a primary radiator. There's an air curtain detail on each lower...