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  1. 4Running

    Next Gen 2024 Tacoma BEV + ICE/Hybrid Rendering Previews + Design, Development, Ordering & Production Schedule

    I think they updated the post. Since the hybrid and ICE models should be identical it was probably just noting the difference with the EV model. I think Toyota said every vehicle would be electrified by at least 2025. For the Taco the question is whether it coincides with the 4G launch or...
  2. 4Running

    New 2024 Tacoma (4th Next Gen) Mule Off-Road Testing Reveals More Suspension Details -- 5/27/22

    Thanks for the spy pics. As I said in my other post - with the all new 2024 Tacoma due next year I was hoping we'd be seeing more than cobbled together test mules at this point. Has anyone seen pics of prototypes that are more advanced than this or is this the most advanced form spied so far??
  3. 4Running

    Toyota Event in Plano this week

    Yea I think it's too early yet for any official looks / teasers of the 2024 Tacoma. But with it being due next year, I was hoping it'd see more than cobbled together mules at this point tho...
  4. 4Running

    2024 Tacoma won't grow in size says Toyota executive

    That's GREAT news. "Midsize" pickups have gotten too long over the years and I was hoping since Toyota didn't make the new Tundra any bigger, it'd leave the Tacoma size alone too. (y) I just looked up the specs and it shocking... the smallest 2022 Tacoma is about 34" longer than the longest...