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  1. philipfreire

    2.4L Hybrid/Turbo reliability concerns

    I think it will be fine boys. By the time the vehicle is 10 years old almost all vehicles sold will be hybrid of full electric. Gas engines will be either worth more or worthless. Time will tell. Plus the car industry is finally catching up with modern tech. In 10 years people are going to want...
  2. philipfreire

    2024 Tacoma TRD OFF-ROAD Specs, Price (TBA) Features & Photos

    Im sure this is the base OR. Then they will have a “premium” off road package that gets the bigger screen, nicer interior materialss, upgraded JBL. Doubt we’ll get all the features that will be saved for limited and pro/TH models.
  3. philipfreire

    2024 Tacoma TRD OFF-ROAD Specs, Price (TBA) Features & Photos

    The blue anodized material doesn’t even match the exterior blue paint of the Sport. That’s one thing that bugged me when I first saw the interior. I’m not 100% sure but I believe the color trim will be specific to the trim not the paint color. I remember watching a video with Sheldon staying a...
  4. philipfreire

    2024 Tacoma TRD OFF-ROAD Specs, Price (TBA) Features & Photos

    Not sure how the interior color trims are going to work. I assume each color design will suit the trim level. The sport gets the Blue. The TRD Pro gets the red and the limited gets the wood grain. Anyways Toyota USA released a video of the iso seats today and they showed what the white...
  5. philipfreire

    IsoDynamic Front Seats on Tacoma TRD Pro - Details

    Just released from Toyota USA. They got a black camo version. Might be a good indication at optional colors for the trd pro or purchased as an upgrade to the off road package. Also there’s a sneak peak of the white dash interior. This could be for the Off Road model Here’s a screenshot of...
  6. philipfreire

    TRD Pro Seats - Deal breaker?

    They got you boys covered.
  7. philipfreire

    Ontario, Canada Dealerships

    He was good with 500.00 and fully refundable. Mention my name he will take care of ya.
  8. philipfreire

    2024 Tacoma TRD SPORT - Specs, Price (TBA), Features, Photos & Videos

    I hope this color is customizable. I'm not a huge fan of the blue. Especially since it does not match the exterior blue. Black/carbon texture/or so dark color would be best
  9. philipfreire

    2024 Tacoma TRD OFF-ROAD Specs, Price (TBA) Features & Photos

    The TRD OR will come with the small screen by default? :( Wonder if there will be an option for the bigger screen?
  10. philipfreire

    Ontario, Canada Dealerships

    I been dealing with Mississauga Toyota for a few years. I bought a RAV4 in 2021 from Dave Kuhlmann. I would recommend talking to him. I put my deposit order in a week ago for a TRD Pro. I'm currently the only one as far as I know on the list. Give him a call at ‭(905) 625-3420 x254‬