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  1. Steel wheels on 2024 Tacoma SR -- first photo of the steelies

    First I've seen of the steelies on the 2024 Tacoma SR
  2. Hood scoop functional on 2024 Tacoma? Modify to air intake for engine bay cooling?

    Anyone know if the hood scoop is functional on the 4th gen Tacomas or just for looks? If just decorative any 3rd gen owners here know if possible to make it functional as air intake for engine bay / underhood cooling? Either way, love how it looks!
  3. Auto Engine Stop/Start feature for which trims?

    The auto engine stop/start (ESS) feature will be on which engines/trims? Will you be able to disable it on all of them? I know it's on the PreRunner (image below) but I've seen other videos with the Pro and Trailhunter where that button is missing. I assume those were the models without ESS but...
  4. List of Dealerships for 2024 Tacoma @ MSRP / ADM, Deposit Amount, Extras

    :eek: at those $5k ADMs. Sad thing is they'll probably sell those easy,at least the ones that first come off the truck.
  5. 2024 Tacoma Trailhunter (+ undercarriage / underbody) and PreRunner at Overland Expo 2023 -- first public photos & impressions from 3rd gen owner

    Impressions and photos by @Alt-atl, a 3rd gen Tacoma owner I went and saw the Tacomas at Overland Expo today. The Trail Hunter is cool except for the bed bar thingy which is not my style but some people like them Im sure. The bronze color is really really nice in person. The front bumper, even...
  6. Which 2024 Tacoma trim do you plan to buy?

    This being an enthusiast site, TRD Pro will win out. I’m most curious to see how many choose Trailhunter since it’s a new trim and will be interesting to see if Toyota priced and positioned it in the lineup properly.
  7. Video: PreRunner 2024 Tacoma in Underground Color - first real life look!

    That looks great loving that color. I bet this combination becomes the top seller
  8. List of Top Upgrades for the 2024 Tacoma

    25 top upgrades on the 2024 Toyota Tacoma: Powerful Engines: The Tacoma offers two turbocharged four-cylinder engine options. The standard i-FORCE turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine produces up to 278 horsepower and 317 lb.-ft. of torque. The available i-FORCE MAX turbocharged 4-liter...
  9. 2024 Tacoma pricing vs competition

    After seeing the leaked specs and features. I stand by my $33k prediction/fear It's a massive upgrade and in this economy....
  10. 2024 TACOMA REVEALED!! Specs, Wallpapers, Photos / Videos! Hybrid Model Added

    Wow!!! First off I have to say that is even better than the leaks. Fantastic looking even in the lower trim. Was really hoping for some idea on price, at least for the base model. On sale later this year.... when??
  11. 2024 Tacoma pricing vs competition

    Who here thinks we see $33k+ for the base 2024 Tacoma? With prices on everything increasing and the Ford Ranger blowing through most people's expectations, I am worried what they will announce tonight assuming pricing isn't still TBD. Guesses/predictions on where the base 4th gen Taco...
  12. Production start date for 2024 Tacoma? Arrives at dealers when?

    If it's any indication, the 3rd gen Tacoma was officially revealed in Jan 2015 and started arriving at dealerships in September 2015. Hope the 4th gen Tacoma doesn't take 9 months from now to show up at dealers. 🤞
  13. Teaser 5/16: 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro & Trailhunter Overhead View in Two Colors w/ Black Roof + May 19 1:30AM ET Debut Confirmed!

    Ah . Well I'm hoping Toyota will offer a full catalog of overland rig parts, like the full bed rack that we saw on the Tundra Trailhunter concept and rendered by this site