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  1. 2024 Tacoma allocations, colors / packages ordering info coming next week?

    Well.. this is exciting. Hoping for some good news on Tuesday.. Would be great to see pricing and packages. Pretty sure we're set on a limited with Hybrid Max. But would prefer to not have the chrome is that's possible.
  2. Questions about towing with 2024 Tacoma ...

    This will be my first truck. But the towing capacity will be 6K. I'd say you're very safe with anything under 5K. Especially with the extra torque from the turbo and hybrid drivetrane.
  3. MPG Prediction?

    Interesting. I'm really interested in what towing will do with the MPG's. I have a smallish popup, and on my 4 cylinder rav4 prime, when towing my MPG drops significantly. With V6 and V8's as tow vehicles with my camper the MPG's don't drop that signicantly. So, wondering what towing will do...
  4. Estimated MPG for Hybrid Tacoma 2.4L iForce Max Fuel Economy

    I don't think the Tundra has a big inverter, so not applicable. That's how the RAV4 Prime works (it turns on the engine when the battery is low). I also wish a Journalist would ask that question. I create tons of content around the prime, and will start creating content around the new Taco...
  5. TRD Sport vs Limited

    Makes sense to me. That's fine.
  6. TRD Sport vs Limited

    Well.. the prime is "officially" on, but the engine is not running. I can power my camper for at least a day using the fridge, heater/AC, microwave, etc. It's awesome. I want that same capability on the Tacoma. It's okay if I need to have it idling.. I really only need the power...
  7. TRD Sport vs Limited

    You will only be able to run the inverter for so long, and it will eventually turn on the engine to power it. My RAV4 prime does the same thing.. albeit it has a much larger battery.
  8. TRD Sport vs Limited

    There are a couple of things I will like about the hybrid. The torque from the electric motors should really help when towing, especially going uphill and sometimes those little bursts of speed you need. And, having power with me, without having to carry around a noisy generator is also very...
  9. TRD Sport vs Limited

    For sure.. I bought the endurance as a spare. if/when another tire goes out, the both will be endurance tires. Here's my youtube video on the importance of balancing tires. I do a lot of youtube content on the A-Liner stuff. Will be starting to create content on the tacoma.
  10. TRD Sport vs Limited

    I currently power most of it on just 1500W, so 2400 will be overkill. But it will be nice to have.
  11. TRD Sport vs Limited

    Hey Terry!! Nice to meet you.. Yeah I can't wait for our new tow vehicle next year. My wife love our RAV4 Prime.. and she's not excited. I just like that I won't have to be so conscious of weight all the time. We have a 2022 classic with hard dormers and permanent bed.
  12. TRD Sport vs Limited

    We'll likely be purchasing a 24 Tacoma next year. We will be using it as our Tow Vehicle for a smaller A-Liner Camper. Primarily we will be doing a lot of trips towing the A-Liner Camper. We currently have a RAV4 Prime with an inverter and we power our camper, so we will need the Hybrid Max...