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  1. Moundman

    Any dealers accepting custom orders for 2024 Tacoma?

    I agree with sports bar but I believe everything I've seen said the sports bar is included. I can see a bunch of them being for sale on marketplace when they come out. :ROFLMAO: Just curious on the price of the rack they offer. I'm ready for the prices and options to come out already. lol
  2. Moundman

    2024 Tacoma allocations, colors / packages ordering info coming next week?

    Yeah I'm pretty anxious to see the pricing and package costs for these. Especially the options for the Trail Hunter
  3. Moundman


    Just north of Charlotte
  4. Moundman

    Which 2024 Tacoma trim do you plan to buy?

    I'm all for the Trailhunter, but like the other it depends on the price. I have a refundable deposit down @ MSRP and I'm #1 on the list at one of the area dealers. When the pricing comes out if it's too high I'll just change my mind and build different trim up for what I want to do.
  5. Moundman

    2024 Tacoma production begins December 2023. Hybrid Tacoma production starts April 2024.

    Personally I don't mind the wait. Don't get me wrong I want it but this way I can put money away for some Tacoma goodies. :ROFLMAO:
  6. Moundman

    2024 Tacoma Deposits | Reservations | Waitlist Sheet & Stats - Tacoma4G

    Welp I'm #1 on the list for a Trailhunter a Hendrick of Concord in NC. Not expecting it until late spring probably. Excited and looking forward to learning from all ya Taco vets.