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  1. TRD Off-Road 2024 Tacoma in Celestial Silver Metallic - first on road sighting

    Is a sliding rear window really that important? Yes, I get it to some degree, I grew up when they were important--because there were no extended cabs, kids and dogs rode in the bed, and you wanted to talk sometimes without leaning out over the edge while driving down the road. Also helped if...
  2. Now I’m On the Fence..

    I truly don't understand the problem here. Buy the Trailhunter now (by "now" I mean, when you get the chance). Get in line for the 4Runner. Sell the Trailhunter and get the 4Runner when it comes out. Granted, the days of flipping for a profit may be ending, but you won't lose much at all on...
  3. Will I fit in this vehicle?

    You beat me to it. I was going to mention/suggest the Bronco. Say what you want about the Bronco, its ergonomics--particularly the 2-door--are fantastic. Solid option for larger individuals.
  4. Front air dam = 4-5 more MPG on 2024 Tacoma

    That's odd, the calendar doesn't say April 1...
  5. First World Problem, regarding Toyota VSPP

    They do limit the family purchases per year per employee. And the terms are that you have to keep the vehicle for a year, can't turn right around and sell it. So even with those rules in place, I'm finding it hard to make the program work. FWIW, I have no problems with Toyota's terms. I'll...
  6. First World Problem, regarding Toyota VSPP

    I understand that this is clearly a first world problem but I'm going to ask anyway... Anyone here have experience using Toyota's Vehicle Special Purchase Program (VSPP)? This is the program available to Toyota employees and their family members (me, in this case), similar to Ford's A-Plan. As...
  7. Spotted: 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport in Blue Crush Metallic

    Gorgeous. This is the one I want. This color, this transmission, etc.
  8. Manual transmission (iMT2) available on these 2024 Tacoma trims

    Same here, with my Bronco! But one of my kids just started working for Toyota so one of us is going to buy a Tacoma soon (or a 4runner in a year or two). Will be able to compare directly.
  9. Manual transmission (iMT2) available on these 2024 Tacoma trims

    Yes. Yes it is. Not even remotely close to a tough call for MT zealots (guilty). It's not about novelty or scarcity, by the way, I don't care about that. It's about driving engagement. Used to be that I could also say the MT was cheaper/more reliable/better mileage. Those advantages are...
  10. IsoDynamic Front Seats on Tacoma TRD Pro - Details

    Fighting a losing battle here, I realize, but I don't want seats to provide any dampening. I sweat enough as it is. Damping movement or vibration, that would be better. :)