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  1. TERRA color for 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro first look!

    So dark orange? I guess they are trying sell the lava look?
  2. GFC Camper on 2024 Tacoma 4th Gen - Official Preview CGI

    on prerunner might be most ideal price to put this on.
  3. Better MPG?

    i have my dobuts about mpg of hybrid,... but it should be
  4. Toyota's 'Ordering Process' Explained

    i guarantee the trd sport manual will be like 10%. The reality is most people dont want one or dont know how .
  5. Toyota's 'Ordering Process' Explained

    i think lot people look at custom order how can i keep the price down and keep what i want. Maybe i want the smaller screen if it reduces the price etc etc.
  6. Toyota's 'Ordering Process' Explained

    Essentially if you want a truck from Ford, Ram, Jeep, or GM the dealer tells the factory “Make us one of these like this” and as long as the allocation slot is available that request is usually granted. Whereas a Toyota dealer will say to the factory “I’d like a truck like this please” and the...
  7. Which 2024 Tacoma trim do you plan to buy?

    the raptor topping out at 56k but i guess you could make the argument the hybrid engine will really push mpg and power to justify that 60k price tag
  8. 2024 Tacoma Trailhunter | Diode Dynamics | Overland Expo 2023

    Im still waiting see actual camper on this thing. Surely you can right?
  9. A Chat with Jess Buck, 2024 Tacoma's Senior Vehicle Performance Development Engineer

    The base grades are great, reliable trucks with improved ride and handling. The Sport grade is specifically tuned to bring a smile to the drivers’ faces. With the stiff suspension, you feel connected to the road and confident in the truck. Best selling things she said. Will look into sport or...
  10. Ranger Production delayed

    Via Bulletin: 2024 Ranger Production Delayed to September (9/1/23) As far tacoma is concerned i think we expect pricing around this time and possible some order models to open up. Gives people who want 24 more reason to buy Tacoma.
  11. All About Tacoma’s iForce MAX Hybrid Engine

    As far numbers are concern it will need be 24-26 range to justify the price hike in my opinon its time for Tacoma to be efficient fuel wise. even if it cost pretty penny. That's the first thing people bring up when they talk about tacoma downsides.
  12. The Good, The Bad, And The Unmentioned of the 2024 Tacoma

    1.Air dam being taken off with 7 screws is non issue to me. 2. Bigger tires doesnt mean better. Smaller will do tacos better. Too many times you see current tacos with tires that dont fit right. 3. no hood scoop function isnt good. fake inlits as well . Obivously its cost provision for them. 4...
  13. 2.4L Hybrid/Turbo reliability concerns

    i think 23-26 is doable may be able averger 24 combined if your light on the gas. Which is good right there with 2.3l ranger.
  14. The manual transmission has a longer shifter on the 2024 Tacoma -- here's why

    as long if doesnt double clutch hard and feels good than thats fine.
  15. Which 2024 Tacoma trim do you plan to buy?

    i think after the sport its going hefty price. i think sport will be 40-43k PRO 45-49k trail hunter 51-53 . The hybrid wont be cheap
  16. Which 2024 Tacoma trim do you plan to buy?

    Either the sport or prerunner both low demand here should be easier to get ?
  17. R&T Article - Toyota Cannot Screw Up the New Tacoma

    i think if they keep up with demand they will be fine, also pricing on lower trims will be key, nobody spending over 34k for the preunner or sr5.
  18. Competition: 2024 Ranger & Ranger Raptor Build & Price Site Now Online

    Tacoma really has no fear of the ranger or colorado taking any market share if anything it will grow more. Just hope they keep the lower trims like prerunner consumer price friendly. You could see demand a supply issue though but hopefully not :)
  19. Air dam is easy to remove. Removing affects MPG fuel efficiency / aerodynamics how much?

    looks much better i dont think mpg differnce will be much but i am curious to see real testing done
  20. Spotted! PreRunner 2024 Tacoma first public sighting & vs 3rd gen!

    that's removable. after taking off the ai damn it looks amazing.