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  1. 2024 Tacoma TRD PRO - Specs, Price (TBA) Features, Photos & Videos

    What do we think of the seats and the lack of a manual transmission? Otherwise, this TRD Pro has everything you might want in a midsize off-road-focused pickup.
  2. 2024 Tacoma towing capacity test vs. Ford Ranger

    Well, we have the answer. At least we have the answer with the base powertrain. I'm still wondering if the i-Force MAX will bring more towing than the Ranger and Colorado. I guess we have to wait until next year to find out.
  3. Does the base powertrain give you enough power?

    Does the base power level of the 2.4-liter i-Force engine offer enough power and capability, or will you look to higher trims with a more powerful version of this engine? Here's some food for thought...
  4. So… not to be greedy but when does the 4runner drop? 2025?

    The expected release is as a 2025 model. This means we could be in for another round of Toyota teasers before we see the 4Runner reveal, much like the Taco. If the bigger Toyota models are any indicator, we should see the same powertrains in the new 4Runner as we see in this new Tacoma.
  5. Official BRONZE OXIDE 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    This is a great color, but I might be looking more at the Trailhunter features and not the actual truck color. It should be a popular choice.
  6. 2024 Tacoma TRD SPORT - Specs, Price (TBA), Features, Photos & Videos

    This truck looks awesome. It might be the right trim for me. I want one with a manual transmission and several off-road features.
  7. A Start on the Accessories

    Looks like a useful place to begin. Does anyone think accessories from the previous generation will fit on the new Tacoma?
  8. Poll: 2024 Tacoma release - Yay or Nay?

    The modern tech is great, the truck looks awesome, and the power is right in line with what was expected from Toyota. The ground clearance is good, but if I were looking at the Canyon AT4X, Ranger Raptor, or Colorado ZR2, the Tacoma TRD Pro probably wouldn't make the list.
  9. Is anyone disappointed in the low towing numbers?

    The Toyota Pressroom tells us the max towing is 6,500 pounds, but this is with the base powertrain and lower trims. Higher tow ratings tend to be offered at lower trims and 2WD models because extra equipment for off-roading reduces the towing power of most trucks. Is this the case for the...
  10. A Wishlist of 2024 Toyota Tacoma Features / Capabilities 🙏🏻

    1. The new Tacoma should be a towing champ Some of the competing midsize trucks not only offer new off-road trims but increased towing capacities. The Ford Ranger tows up to 7,500 pounds, and the Chevy Colorado reaches 7,700 pounds of towing. It would be great to see the tow rating of this new...
  11. How many transmission options do we expect with the new Tacoma?

    The six-speed manual has been confirmed, but what other transmissions will we see? Will Toyota put a CVT with the hybrid powertrain or smartly add a better system, mirroring the 10-speed automatic foud in the Tundra?
  12. Toyota please just make RWD Tacoma

    Hopefully, the Tacoma doesn't go the way of the GMC Canyon. The 2023 Canyon is an off-road truck in every trim with only one powertrain, one cab, and one bed length.
  13. Will all new 2024 Tacomas be hybrid?

    When the new Tundra and Sequoia arrived, V8 engines were deleted. The base engine for these two Toyotas is a twin-turbocharged V6, but not a hybrid powertrain. The i-Force Max hybrid system is the higher power unit. Will the Tacoma come with a six-cylinder engine or will this new midsize truck...
  14. Hope new 2024 Tacoma retains rear drum brakes

    The TRD Pro has been confirmed to include disc brakes, but lower trims could still have drums in the rear. We'll know more on Friday
  15. 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro Colors Previews

    The colors are awesome. Hopefully Toyota uses all of them