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  1. Leaked MPG ? [2024 Tacoma Trailhunter]

    I mean even in the video he says don’t pay attention to the mpg. Either you some how missed that or you’re intentionally trying to stir the pot. Come on
  2. Oil change interval for 2024 Tacoma 4th gen hybrid and gas engines? Synthetic or conventional engine oil?

    I have a '21 Ford Ranger and my regular interval is about 15000kms with full synthetic. That being said I don't do a ton of towing and don't aggressively run my engine while driving so just like LordEnzo said your driving habits really matters.
  3. Does the base powertrain give you enough power?

    I'm coming from a '21 Ford Ranger XLT. It has similar numbers with an inline 4 turbo and I have never had any issues with power. I do a fair amount of back country camping with a fully loaded bed and cab and it has never failed me once. The only reason I could see someone lacking power is if...
  4. Bed Dimensions of 2024 Tacoma (short and long bed)

    The thing I’m curious about is if the long box is 6ft from end to end, or if like TVs, its 6ft diagonally.
  5. Which 2024 Tacoma trim do you plan to buy?

    I’m very interested in the Trailhunter but it’ll have to come down to price. If it’s too expensive I’ll probably end up with the TRD offroad long box with some additions.