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  1. Measured dimensions of 5' foot short bed interior on 2024 Tacoma

    Rough dimensions of short bed: Top of ribs to top of bed side: 19 1/2" Width between wheel wells at bed bottom: 44 3/4" Width between bed sides at bed bottom: 52 3/4"
  2. 2024 Tacoma Media First Drives are Today! Reviews & Info on November 28!

    First drives are happening today! More info 11/28.
  3. Nighttime exterior and interior lighting & displays video of 2024 Tacoma TRD Off-Road

    Good nighttime exterior and interior video with controls walk through.
  4. Rear under seat HVAC vents?

    Screen grab from a TRD Off-Road video. Looks like rear under seat HVAC vents? Anybody else seen this or has a better pic?
  5. 18.8 MPG offroading / 30 MPG potential seen on 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro iForce Max Hybrid

    Dash screenshot from a TRD PRO iForce Max video at Overland Expo East. 18.8mpg on this TRD Pro with 1059 off roading miles on the clock. What's also interesting is the scale 0,30,60 indicating a potential average 30mpg in ideal conditions/eco mode for the I-Force Max power train. This is the...