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    Update on 2024 Tacoma ALLOCATION & LOCATIONS by region / states (11/24/23)

    Currently 555+ 2024 Tacomas allocated and breakdown of region BREAKDOWN OF TRIMS ALLOCATED SR 4X2 DBL: 3 SR 4X4 DBL: 28 SR5 4X2 DBL: 3 SR5 4X4 DBL (SHORT AND LONG): 196 TRD SPORT 4X2 DBL: 11 TRD SPORT 4X4 DBL (SHORT AND LONG): 147 TRD OFF ROAD 4X4 DBL (SHORT AND LONG): 154 LIMITED 4X4 DBL: 13...
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    Update: Now 109 Allocations for 2024 Tacoma (11/17/23) + December Production Start

    Summary: Currently, 109 total allocations for 2024 Tacoma (U.S. nationwide) Earliest scheduled production starts first week of December 2023 Majority of current allocations for Chicago, Kansas City, Boston, NYC, Los Angeles No pricing or MPG info yet