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  1. BigDan

    Cool 2024 Tacoma photos from Toyota R&D Center

    Cool R&D center photos from
  2. BigDan

    More Terra 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro w/ non-red interior

    Love this color personally, especially in full sun / bright like this.
  3. BigDan

    Blue Crush Metallic 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport i-Force MAX Hybrid -- exterior & interior first look!

    Blue Crush Metallic 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport i-Force MAX Hybrid -- inside & out! More photos of Blue Crush Metallic TRD Sport i-Force Max Hybrid Video:
  4. BigDan

    Peek at Underground 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport with side steps and roof rack

    Spotted this peek at the TRD Sport in Underground color with side steps and roof rack.
  5. BigDan

    2024 Tacoma 3D Customizer / Configurator

    This company just created a 4th gen Tacoma online builder. It's limited to TRD Pro and a few options but still fun to play with. Cali Raised LED Vehicle Builder
  6. BigDan

    Off-Road Specs per Trim: Ground Clearance, Approach, Breakover, Departure Angles

    Gathering 2024 Tacoma offroad specs for each trim, as we find out. TRD PRO: Maximum Ground Clearance: 9.5 inches Maximum Running Ground Clearance: 11 inches Approach: 33.8 degrees Breakover: 23.5 degrees Departure: 25.7 degrees
  7. BigDan

    R&T Article - Toyota Cannot Screw Up the New Tacoma

    Toyota Cannot Screw Up the Tacoma How do you preserve “Tacoma-ness” for a new generation? It’s the central conundrum for Tacoma’s Chief Engineer, Sheldon Brown.
  8. BigDan

    Manual transmission (iMT2) available on these 2024 Tacoma trims

    While researching the manual transmission option it wasn't that clear exactly which trims / configurations you can order the manual transmission on, so here's the list: SR (Double Cab only) TRD Sport (Double Cab only) TRD Off-Road (Double Cab only) And here's some other technicals on it...
  9. BigDan

    List of Dealerships for 2024 Tacoma @ MSRP / ADM, Deposit Amount, Extras

    Hi, long time lurker who just joined. I think we need a master dealer list combining the work that some members have already posted from calling around. Please list the dealership, whether they've committed to MSRP or markup/ADM and the deposit amount. COPY/PASTE and FILL IN: Dealership...