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  1. Taco Azul

    Who else is waiting for the TRD Pro hybrid?

    Also one of those waiting. I’m expecting the price difference to be about the same as it is for the Tundra. But confirmation would be nice!
  2. Taco Azul

    Safety Sense 3.00 Review Part 1 (2024 Tacoma TRD Off-Road)

    I drive a Tesla a lot. For all the bad press it gets, Tesla’s Autopilot is pretty great. I had a 2022 Prius Prime and it wasn’t nearly as good. It wouldn’t start again after coming to a stop. And the steering “ping ponged” me a lot within my lane. I hear the new version is better, so I’m...
  3. Taco Azul

    2024 TRD Sport vs TRD Offroad - differences?

    They pretty much cost the same, but it seems like you get more bang for your buck with the OR. Honestly, if I could configure my dream Tacoma it would borrow elements from the Sport, Off Road, Limited, Pro and Trailhunter. The Trailhunter comes the closest to having everything I want on one trim.
  4. Taco Azul

    The moonroof still sucks If you're 6'3 or above...

    Back from the auto show. They had one ‘24 Tacoma there. But it was the TH prototype, which doesn’t have the sunroof. And it was locked anyway, so I couldn’t see how it fits me. Still cool to see the TH up close!
  5. Taco Azul

    The moonroof still sucks If you're 6'3 or above...

    Not yet. I live in Oregon and I don’t think there’s a single ‘24 within 500 miles. I’m going to the Portland Auto Show tomorrow. Really hoping they have one for me to sit in.
  6. Taco Azul

    The moonroof still sucks If you're 6'3 or above...

    Interesting. I was mostly going off the X Overland video TH that clearly didn’t have a moonroof. I’m 6’4”, and my height is mostly torso. I would still prefer having a moonroof in spite of the lower ceiling. The extra light coming in is worth it to me.
  7. Taco Azul

    The moonroof still sucks If you're 6'3 or above...

    You want premium options without a sunroof? The Trailhunter is for you.
  8. Taco Azul

    Celestial Silver + Limited + 18” TRD Black Wheels = Winner!

    Those are the optional TRD 18” wheels. $1325 and worth every penny in my opinion.
  9. Taco Azul

    1,000 mile road trip in a 2024 TRD Off-Road -- Impressions

    Yeah, something doesn’t add up. 17.5 mpg with 18.7 gallon tank should give you 327 miles of range. 275 mile range would be 14.7 mpg.
  10. Taco Azul

    Bought a 2024 Tacoma Off-Road Premium today!

    I think this is the first one I’ve seen without some sort of running board or step bolted on. And I agree, the silver color looks good every time I see it.
  11. Taco Azul

    Hybrid vs Nonhybrid 2024 Tacoma

    Probably $57k-$58k before add ons
  12. Taco Azul

    XOVERLAND's Tacoma Trailhunter Special Series Starting Feb 19

    Rivian did something very similar when they launched the R1T. It’s gonna be a very long commercial, but I will watch it.
  13. Taco Azul

    My 2024 Tacoma TRD OFFROAD is delivered (a month early)! -- Photos & Owners Review

    That’s cool to hear. I was in Saint Martin yesterday and that place is full of Hilux’s with the occasional 3rd gen Taco mixed in. Seeing the Taco next to the Hilux made the 3rd gen look enormous. I usually think of the Tacoma as a small truck, but now I guess I see why many people do not.
  14. Taco Azul

    Black 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport delivered @ Toyota South dealership (w/ video vs 3rd gen))

    To each their own. I had the Softex in a Highlander and really liked it. Not as nice of a feel to the hand as real leather, but more durable than real leather. Nothing like the vinyl in my parents car growing up. But also, I usually drive fully dressed, so I can’t verify the “legs and back...
  15. Taco Azul

    Hybrid vs Nonhybrid 2024 Tacoma

    I’m aiming for a TH, which is well into well-equipped Tundra pricing. But the Tundra is way too big for my needs. The hybrid is a must for me because my work gives me an extra $200 a month in my car allowance for driving a hybrid. Any other benefits from the hybrid is just a bonus.
  16. Taco Azul

    TRD Off-Road Hybrid @ Houston Show -- First look at TRD Pro sized tire/wheel combo on Off-Road Hybrid

    That’s me. I’ll basically be posing as an overlander. Just want the hybrid and the long bed. I’m sure the cost will be punishing, but it really is my dream truck.
  17. Taco Azul

    Next generation CarPlay

    This feature was added to my 2022 Polestar (via OTA update) well after I bought it. It’s possible to be added later, but I’m not counting on it. Edit: I should have mentioned that I was referring to the extension of CarPlay to the driver screen.
  18. Taco Azul

    First 2024 Tacoma SR (Ice Cap) at Don Franklin Toyota

    I think the bezel is where they want you to stick pictures of your loved ones and reminder notes
  19. Taco Azul

    First mods for your 2024 Tacoma 4th gen?

    I don’t hate it. Maybe I just need educated. Can you have the bar in the bed AND a tonneau? It looks like an either/or type of thing. I need secure storage. Also the bar seems like a very “look at me!” type of accessory, which is not my style.
  20. Taco Azul

    First 2024 Tacoma Customer Delivery (Limited in Bronze Oxide)? NOT so fast...

    I’m not a fan of the blingy chrome all over the Limited, but with Bronze Oxide it looks pretty good.