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  1. 2023 Tacoma Discounts and Availability

    I feel that I bought my 2023 at just the right time. From what I am seeing now, they are not discounting any of the 3rd gens at near the discount I got 2 months ago. Perhaps they feel they don't need to now with all the uncertainty with the 4th gen availability. Any others seeing this?
  2. 2024 Tacoma Larger Turning Radius

    I noticed yesterday in the TFL driving impressions video, they called out the increased turning radius in the 4th gen because of wheel base being about 4 inches longer. I have been really impressed with my new 2023 Limited turning radius. It feels almost like my Forester. I test drove a...
  3. 2024 Tacoma Driving Review Impressions?

    Does anyone out there know anyone who has driven a 2024? I am really looking forward to driving impressions/opinions.
  4. Pre production vs. production changes

    In the videos in Hawaii for the media event where they were checking out the various 2024 Tacoma trims, they would often call out that they are pre production. What changes if any, can we expect to see when they start producing them in mass in December? Any insight? Thoughts?
  5. Power Sliding Rear Window on 2024 Tacoma?

    I am sure hoping the gen4 has a power sliding rear window like the gen3. I have looked at a bunch of pics and can't see the switch for it anywhere.
  6. Frontier vs. Tacoma

    Has anyone looked into the new Frontier? Seems like the new Tacoma will have more features that I would want. I want the Tacoma anyway, but a bit tired of waiting. I just don't want to get a Frontier then regret my decision.
  7. 2024 Tacoma Brochures

    Has anyone heard when the brochures will be available?
  8. Fuel door- Hybrid vs. non hybrid

    Has anyone seen any comments on why the fuel door for the non hybrid has the finger pull on the fuel door? It appears that the hybrid is accessed remotely to the left of the steering wheel. Seems like both models should have remote operation.