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  1. Bought a new 23 Maverick Hybrid

    It's $50 over their cost... you can play with it and see which is best for you.... no personal information required to see the quote
  2. Owner's Manual & Maintenance Guides released for 2024 Tacoma 📒

    Having the maintenance log is nice!
  3. Bought a new 23 Maverick Hybrid

    You can buy it online... never have to set foot anywhere near and don't have to purchase a vehicle from them and this is a FORD warranty, it's good at ANY Ford dealer
  4. Bought a new 23 Maverick Hybrid

    If you end up with the Maverick I think you will like it. As far as reliability check out this site https://grangerfordextendedwarranty.com/ they sell ford extended warranty for $50 over cost. For me it's worth the price for the insurance aspect as I have had a couple of Ford trucks and needed...
  5. Bought a new 23 Maverick Hybrid

    Tsturbo Yes like someone else mentioned the Texas state Fair had a couple that were opened that you could get in. You couldn't move the seats around though because the battery was disconnected. I went on a Monday, a co worker went the following Saturday and said the Tacomas were locked and he...
  6. Bought a new 23 Maverick Hybrid

    I had a 2014 Nissan Rogue that I purchased new, great car, most reliable I have ever owned. 213K miles, the only issue I have ever had was recently the check engine light came on and it turned out to be the catalytic converter that was built into the manifold so it was going to be $1600 to...
  7. Rear Backseat Legroom in 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro w/ Isometric Suspension Seats -- Photos & Video

    Yeah when is in the PRO in the video he says that the front seat is in a decent spot for him, but seeing many of his videos he seemed a lot closer to the wheel than normal..... so I think that skewed things. Then in the TH, he actually moves the front seat forward before sitting in the back...
  8. Rear Legroom & Headroom test by 6'2" 300lbs passenger in 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro and Trailhunter

    So I finally actually watched this video... I'm kind of surprised that he did this..... almost like a favor. When he sits in the front of the pro look at how close his belly is.... if you've watched any of his videos before I don't think this is an accurate seating position. However he does say...
  9. 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro @ Texas State Fair

    When I went on October 2nd these trucks were open. I had a co worker that took the day off and went up yesterday (Oct 13) and was told they were locked now because someone had messed up something in the interior
  10. Rear Leg room?

    No that is true, the bed is shorter in the Maverick and Santa Cruz, without confirming specs for sure I believe the Tacoma bed is right at 6 inches longer. That being said the Maverick does carry 4x8 sheets of plywood with ease. :oops: Personally, I would give up a few inches for passenger...
  11. Rear Leg room?

    I don't get this either.... how can they not figure this out.... if the Maverick can do it, why can't these others. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the 24 Ranger seemed better than the outgoing model
  12. Rear Leg room?

    The Maverick, and I would venture to say the Santa Cruz (only sat in it once) seem to have more room inside than the Tacoma... Tacoma might be slightly wider
  13. Rear Leg room?

    Just saw this video....
  14. Rear Leg room?

    Yeah, I don't buy the whole they can't make the midsize with more legroom. I honestly think it's more about protecting the full size sales.. Specs on paper show the Maverick and Tacoma are close in size with some advantages going to the Maverick, and width advantage going to the Tacoma.
  15. Rear Leg room?

    No worry about research.....that's what I've been doing for a while now. :unsure:
  16. Rear Leg room?

    There is no good fit for sure..... not that this was going to be it since it's probably not going to get great MPG. But it will be a decision between heart and mind....if the heart wins the wallet hurts, if the mind wins everything will probably be ok. :unsure:
  17. Rear Leg room?

  18. Rear Leg room?

    Well I was at the Texas State Fair on Monday and was finally able to see in person and was able to sit in them. Sad to say this knocked the Tacoma off my list. I should have known it was wishful thinking to begin with since the 23 was so small inside IMO. It's been a while since I sat in the...
  19. Will 2024 Tacoma be at TX State Fair?

    I am in a similar boat, I am hoping that it will be there. I have not been to Tx State Fair in 10+ years but I missed the auto shows around me this year so I am going up and plan to go on Monday. I'm assuming at this point we will still not be able to sit inside or anything but I am guessing...
  20. 2024 Tacoma LIMITED I-FORCE MAX (Supersonic Red) Video + Power Tailgate Demo

    Yeah, we don't have kids, but at least once a week we will have adults in our back seats. I have had a couple of full size and a couple of 'midsize' trucks in the past.... I prefer the size of the midsize exterior but need to be able to have people in the back seat so we don't have to take the...