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  1. guitarist alec

    What have you hauled? Post em up! 🏋🏻‍♀️

    I wonder how many of us own a Tacoma and a Miata~very complimentary vehicles 😉
  2. guitarist alec

    Any hard bed covers, all-weather floor mats, or console vault in aftermarket yet?

    Hey Vic - Does the Synetic cover have a lock ?
  3. guitarist alec

    Where are the 4th gen tacoma's in So Cal?

    I live in the SF Northbay & have yet to see one in the wild… Went to Moab 2 weeks ago and thought I would see one there . . . but it was all Jeep Gladiators 😆
  4. guitarist alec

    Lowest Toyota Extended Warranty Prices…?

    🔥 The TRD Wheels really look fire on the Sport !
  5. guitarist alec

    Lowest Toyota Extended Warranty Prices…?

    Beautiful Blue Sport ~ Are the these the TRD 18-in Black Wheels / $1,325 ? $1,325
  6. guitarist alec

    First 500 Miles with my TRD OR Premium

    Thx for update 👍 Love the Black paint with Black rims ⭐
  7. guitarist alec

    New 2024 Limited - My Impressions

    Nice truck iResQ . . . Killer pic !
  8. guitarist alec

    New 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport! (A Love Story)

    Yeah, I put 4 bikes in my 2012 6ft SPORT Tacoma, no problem 🚲 🚲🚲🚲
  9. guitarist alec

    Only 5045 Tacoma's sold in February

    Wow ! The average last year was about 20,000 a month 🛻
  10. guitarist alec

    Good new technical / specs info from a Toyota dealer GM presentation

    Lots of new good info here… I wonder how many dealerships will be sharing this much information ~ drove an SR5 yesterday and the salesman said ALL the customers know more about the trucks than they do… and yeah, it was a very nice ride compared to my 2012 Sport 👍
  11. guitarist alec

    Celestial Silver Metallic 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport @ Andy Mohr Toyota in Avon, Indiana ($54k)

    $54,240 ? …on-line it’s showing up w a 3k Dealer “upfit” … not ever heard of that 🤔
  12. guitarist alec

    Underground 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport Dealer Walkthrough [Toyota of Kent]

    That color is def growing on me 🖤
  13. guitarist alec

    Sport vs Offroad trim -- which one to choose?

    … you say MULLET like it’s a bad thing 😂
  14. guitarist alec

    Sport vs Offroad trim -- which one to choose?

    I’m in the same predicament- prolly end up with the 4WD SPORT with iForce Max Hybrid engine for better driving/mileage on multi state camping trips pulling our Aliner, but am also feeling tempted by the OR…. I guess I got a few months to figure it out 🤔
  15. guitarist alec

    Motortrend's 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport first test drive & interior reviews

    THAT ONE ☝️ with Hybrid Engine and Premium Package ~ now I just have to remain patient until they release them ⌛️ Hopefully it comes in at 55k 🛻