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  1. Tacosauce

    2024 Tacoma Deposits | Reservations | Waitlist Sheet & Stats - Tacoma4G

    Check out the chart in the first post - https://www.tacoma4g.com/forum/threads/2024-tacoma-deposits-reservations-waitlist-sheet-stats-tacoma4g.1294/ Already 50+ members here have deposits down. I'm ready to also but deciding which of two local dealers to go with
  2. Tacosauce

    Oil change interval for 2024 Tacoma 4th gen hybrid and gas engines? Synthetic or conventional engine oil?

    Any guidance yet on the recommended oil change intervals is for the 4th gen engines? Do hybrid engines usually have different intervals? And synthetic or conventional oil?
  3. Tacosauce

    R&T Article - Toyota Cannot Screw Up the New Tacoma

    Yes all Tacoma production moved to Mexico as of late 2021. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-toyota-usa-trucks/toyota-to-move-tacoma-truck-production-to-mexico-from-u-s-idUSKBN1ZG26M
  4. Tacosauce

    Can Hybrid Tacoma models tow more than the gas models?

    Will the Hybrid Tacoma models like the TRD Pro and Trailhunter with their 465 lb-ft iForce max engines naturally tow more than the gas only models with significantly less torque?
  5. Tacosauce

    Bed Dimensions of 2024 Tacoma (short and long bed)

    Would be nice if it can fit plywood / drywall flat on the floor.
  6. Tacosauce

    Video: PreRunner 2024 Tacoma in Underground Color - first real life look!

    2-door looks awesome, especially when lifted like the PreRunner is. Sooo tempting but I might miss having rear doors to easily access the rear seats to put things on. I'd like to see how far the seats on the XtraCab can slide forward. Anyone seen pics of this yet?
  7. Tacosauce

    Article: Why the 2024 Tacoma XtraCab got a back seat delete (SR, SR5, TRD PreRunner trims)

    Standard rear seat delete from factory was a great decision by Toyota. Now that space is specifically designed for utility and storage. And those are some really interesting figures: - 50% of smaller cab customers specified a rear seat delete on the last Tacoma - Only 3% of 2022 Tacoma drivers...
  8. Tacosauce

    Bed Dimensions of 2024 Tacoma (short and long bed)

    Been searching for bed dimension measurements of the 2024 Tacoma - both short and long bed dimensions. Anyone have these numbers? 🙏🏻