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  1. Tsturbo

    Hybrid allocations begin when?

    Does anyone have any information as to when Toyota will begin the iForceMAX hybrid allocations? I know spring is when they go into production……hopefully
  2. Tsturbo

    Michelin LTX or General Grabber tires on Limited?

    I have seen both of these tires on the 2024 Limited trim in various YouTube videos. The iForceMAX models when first introduced back in May had General Grabber tires, but now all the recent non Hybrid reviews on the Limited look to have Michelin LTX. Does anyone know what brand tire will come on...
  3. Tsturbo

    Bed step included with Limited trim?

    Does anyone know if this is included with the Limited trim? Many of the videos have indicated it is a part of the Limited trim. I have seen several dealer build sheets charging for the bed step on a Limited trim? So is it included or is it an option to now add it?
  4. Tsturbo

    Limited trim and $395 Limited package?

    I have seen several build sheets online that show the Limited having a $395 Limited package. I am confused, why does a Limited trim have a Limited package? What is a Limited package and what do you get for $395? It appears to be FIO (Factory Installed Option) but there is no option to add it in...