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  1. CuriousTaco

    Credit Card Key comes with 2024 TRD Off-Road?

    Those who have responded so far, can you clarify if you have an upgrade or premium package? Package may matter more than the trim. Its still pretty unclear whether the base trims have the key card.
  2. CuriousTaco

    New Member

    Congrats, looks clean! I have the same spec coming in soon.
  3. CuriousTaco

    Anyone remove rear seat headrests for better view out rear window?

    That's the first time I've noticed those two plastic pieces above the rear window.. are those coat hooks?
  4. CuriousTaco

    Throttle delay?

    I've used a pedal commander in my Grand Cherokee and have mixed feelings about it. It definitely provides a noticeable improvement in throttle response/acceleration and felt great using it for about a year. We were road tripping through Vail Pass and every warning light on the dash lit up and...
  5. CuriousTaco

    2024 Tacoma Performance Parts For New Engines?

    Thanks for digging up that thread! Seems promising because it's not an entirely new engine platform, just a different application. I fully expect to see several aftermarket power options available in the next couple months. We've seen pretty decent aftermarket support so far considering how few...
  6. CuriousTaco

    2024 Tacoma Performance Parts For New Engines?

    Yeah I'll probably wait a while to pull the trigger for similar reasons. I don't think there's much information out there about how much boost these turbos are running from the factory. Does the boost gauge in the cluster show actual psi or is it just a level that goes up/down under load? My...
  7. CuriousTaco

    2024 Tacoma Performance Parts For New Engines?

    I asked that chat the exact same question last week and got the same response. Nice to see they're already working on it! I've installed one of these in a previous vehicle with a 4cyl turbo and was pretty impressed by the results.
  8. CuriousTaco

    8 inch vs. 14 inch Touchscreen

    I spent a decent amount of time researching this on the Tundra forums. The results seemed mixed or inconclusive because: Factory head units are VIN-specific (locked) and installing a new head unit requires a special process to connect to the vehicle. In some cases dealerships struggled with the...
  9. CuriousTaco

    Diode Dynamics Announces 2024 Tacoma LED Lighting Upgrades!

    It should be. I believe all lower trims share the same headlight housings except for Limited (I think?), TRD Pro, and Trailhunter, which have LED DRLs. The switchback bulb seems like a great upgrade. Should have been included from the factory with something of similar style.
  10. CuriousTaco

    CBI Offroad 4th Gen Tacoma Build & Parts (Covert Bumper + More)

    Dang that covert bumper looks awesome! Any shots of the full truck side profile or from the rear?
  11. CuriousTaco

    2024 Bronze Oxide, Sport, Long Bed

    Welcome and congrats! Would be cool to see a side by side of the two.
  12. CuriousTaco

    JBL "Premium" System Review (from an Audioholic)

    @TacoNate8797 Did they make any comments about the surround sound setting not being available in the 4G? I'm wondering if that affected their results differently than how it was developed for the Tundra, which includes the option to turn on/off surround sound.
  13. CuriousTaco

    Custom Front Grilles for 2024 Tacoma 4th Gen (And More to Come)

    Any future plans leveraging the 4G TRD Pro light bar design to mount a 10-20" aftermarket light bar in the grille inserts?
  14. CuriousTaco

    Looking for review of 8" screen

    My allocation has the upgrade package without the 14" screen and I've been wondering if I'll regret not having it on a pretty expensive truck. I think the 8" screen will be fine given that 95% of it's use will be Carplay maps. I have no qualms with the aftermarket 7" screen running Carplay in my...
  15. CuriousTaco

    Not much room for a larger spare tire under our trucks

    What's the clearance like at the front of the spare tire? I'd be more inclined to cut/modify the exhaust than grind anything by the hitch. The trailhunter's dump before the rear axle seems like the easiest way to gain extra clearance.
  16. CuriousTaco

    Initial Impressions: Manual 2024 Tacoma 6MT TRD Sport + (Canadian Build) & 2nd Gen Comparison Photos

    Congrats! We haven't seen many side by side photos with a 2nd gen, looks awesome!
  17. CuriousTaco

    Victory 4x4 Blue Crush 2024 Tacoma Build & Parts

    What is the height of that bed rack from the top of the bed rails? Trying to gauge the height of bed rails to top of roof and this looks pretty close.
  18. CuriousTaco

    Why so many on QC Hold / Delivery Hold (Quality Inspection) Status?

    Subscribed and will watch a few videos! You're really going above and beyond by helping everyone out. Subscribing is the least we should be doing to return the favor. I've gotten zero updates from my dealer since December. Stopped by the dealer last month and discovered the build date is next...
  19. CuriousTaco

    Limited upper interior door panel is different

    I've been thinking the exact same thing since seeing the Limited with it! Great aftermarket opportunity.
  20. CuriousTaco

    Premium Audio Package Quality or lack of

    Stumbled across this on YouTube. Wonder how long until someone locally gets one into 4G Tacoma.. seems like it may be a good upgrade with the inconclusive reviews thus far. Hopefully the portable JBL doesn't add additional complexity to the amp? https://www.beatsonicusa.com/ena-2t3.html