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  1. Picked up my 2024 Tacoma TRD ORP Bronze Oxide 4GT! Leagues ahead of 2nd and 3rd gens!

    Ca'mon IAmGroot, interior pictures, especially the rear seat cargo holds and cubby holes. I got a bunch of stuff I'm gonna transfer from my 3rd gen to my 4th gen that goes under and behind the rear seats. :giggle:
  2. First totaled 4th gen Tacoma on Copart

    What the heck happened to that poor Taco ?
  3. Bought a 2024 Tacoma Off-Road Premium today!

    Oh my, that speaker takes up all the room behind that seat. Ouch.
  4. Bought a 2024 Tacoma Off-Road Premium today!

    Does that sub woofer come with a paticular trim package or is it a stand alone add-on ? I'm waiting on a Sport MT 4WD with the "premium" package and I do not want a sub woof behind the seat. I need that storage space.
  5. Breaking-in: Straight off the lot and straight to the ... highway?

    hey oxi i'm waiting on a MT as well. TRD Sport with the premium package in BlueCrushMetallic. Which trim level are you going with ?
  6. My favorite 4th gen Tacoma upgrades over the 3rd gen

    Careful there Planoman, the last time I made my own exit off of i-35 here in Denton the police officer called it an "illegal exit off a major thoroughly fare" and it set me back $400.
  7. $50,000 and no LED Daytime running lights!

    Are you kidding ? Why ? I have my TRD Sport 4WD MT BlueCrushMetallic with the Premium package and it better have daytime running lights.
  8. My 2024 Tacoma Review & Comparison (by former 3rd gen owner)

    dvol you should quit your day job and become a millionaire on teh internet because that is the best review of the 4th gen Taco I have seen so far. Thank you. I had every one of those thoughts as well and no one, no one, has answered til now. I'm waiting on my TRD Sport MT BlueCrush to arrive...
  9. Accessories Installed: exhaust tip, bed step, bed cargo divider (molle style)

    I Completely forgot Toyota moved the exhaust from the passenger side to the driver's side. Makes perfect sense.
  10. Accessories Installed: exhaust tip, bed step, bed cargo divider (molle style)

    Im lovin that bed step. I have a bed step on the driver side of my 3rd gen. Is there an advantage to having yours on the passenger side or is it just personal preference ?
  11. My 2024 Tacoma SR Manual Transmission. First impressions review

    Congrats on your new new purchase Abar9. You're going to love your 1st Taco.
  12. Official BLUE CRUSH 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    Spotted this BlueCrush Limited Taco an hour ago on a car hauler Northbound on i-35 between Dallas and Lewisville. This color pops. I'm lovin it.
  13. 2024 Tacoma SR on 33's, Falken Wildpeak AT4W 285/70 Tires, 17" Wheels (Method 315)

    That is the most beautiful 4th gen Taco I have seen yet. Well done my friend. ;)
  14. Has anybody seen a manual transmission on their dealership lot yet ?

    I'm holding out for a 4th gen Taco with a manual transmission. I've had a 1993, 2014, 2016, and 2020 Taco and all have had a "stick-shift" gear-box. Hoping someone can show some real pictures and not off YouTube.