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  1. Front air dam = 4-5 more MPG on 2024 Tacoma

    I’ve watched videos on youtube where they figured 0.5 MPG diff
  2. Front air dam = 4-5 more MPG on 2024 Tacoma

    that’s almost everytime for me until the latest sales rep when I bought my sport. He was an encyclopedia. Super helpful.
  3. The moonroof still sucks If you're 6'3 or above...

    I’m the same as you. Came with the TRD Sport plus trim I ordered. I could take it or leave it. I’m also 5’10” and the lesser head room wasn’t an issue for me. I probably won’t use it that often. But it’s there for a sunny day if I’m out cruising around. Definitely a first world problem.
  4. 2024 Tacoma Hybrid's 25 MPG (highway) revealed by TFL

    Doesn’t seem like it’s worth the extra cash to get 1 MPG uptick?
  5. Tonneau cover options for 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport - 5 ft bed

    Looks a lot like an Extang trifold. Do the hinges fold down into the cover when you fold up the sections? Looks like they do. Does it give a weight rating that the cover can support? I.e. could you stand on it. It looks like it utilizes the Toyota bed insert rails for mounting. Is that true?
  6. First 500 Miles with my TRD OR Premium

    I agree on the power tailgate. You can manually lift in with one finger. Maybe if it was super heavy.
  7. Anyone remove rear seat headrests for better view out rear window?

    I used to take them out (middle one) or fold them down in my old F150. Folding them down got them low enough. Can’t comment yet on new Tacoma as I haven’t gotten it yet.
  8. First 500 Miles with my TRD OR Premium

    Sounds like you would recommend it to others. I’ll look into getting one if you can customize options Thanks for the info
  9. First 500 Miles with my TRD OR Premium

    So I looked up your OBD adapter. What all can you change in the onboard program with the module and app? Wondering if it’s worth getting one.
  10. OEM 2024 TRD Sport Wheels - Specs

    So from what I have gathered from multiple threads I think these are the 18” specs. 18” dia x 8” wide 55mm offset 6x139.7 or 6x5.5 bolt pattern 95.1mm hub bore Can anyone confirm the above? Thanks in advance.
  11. CBI Offroad 4th Gen Tacoma Build & Parts (Covert Bumper + More)

    I have a Sport plus coming in May hopefully. I think I have settled on the Wildpeaks. Haven’t figured out what to do with the rims and final tire size. I’m hoping not to have to do any mods. I’ll probably use the stock rims for winter tires. The build detailing from others is super helpful.
  12. 2024 Tacoma TRD SPORT SuperSonic Red + Method 18" wheels with 285/70/18 Toyo Open Country A/T - No Rubbing

    Just a question about the tire setup list. Where did you get it?
  13. CBI Offroad 4th Gen Tacoma Build & Parts (Covert Bumper + More)

    Looks awesome. Can you describe the wheel/tire setup and was there any mods required? Looks like Falken Wildpeaks. Looks awesome.
  14. Purchased TRD Off Road on March 23

    I got the 6’ bed as well. That was what came with the sport plus package. Still waiting for mine but the bed is longer than my F150 so a bonus.
  15. Multiple issues with my new Tacoma

    That sucks. You pay a lot of money you want to start fresh. Kind of ruins the excitement of getting the new truck.