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  1. 4k miles: Grille shutter, Drive start control, check engine light, system malfunction

    did they say what parts they needed to order to fix it, just for my reference in case I have the same issue and encounter a clueless service manager?
  2. All it took was 600 mi to get the check engine light on

    Almost 2,600 miles on mine and it’s been great so far (knock on wood). I will say that I was suprised at how little the techs at my local dealership knew about the trucks when I had to have a tire changed, they didn’t even know where the jack was.
  3. Trying to get a new Tacoma sucks!

    It certainly is easier if you reserved one earlier man. But, do me a favor, send me a private message and I’ll set you up with some contacts that will help you find one at or below MSRP.
  4. 33's (285/70/17 tires) with 703 Method wheels (+35 offset) on factory suspension 2024 Tacoma TRD Off-Road

    Shouldn’t with 33’s. Much bigger and he would have if no lift,
  5. Blind Spots?⚡Reduce Blind Spots & Glare⚡SUMA Mirrors

    it’s really the only reason I wanted the premium and could justify the extra money to myself, well that and I had a decent bit of positive equity in my trade so it lessened the pain. It is really nice though.
  6. Blind Spots?⚡Reduce Blind Spots & Glare⚡SUMA Mirrors

    that’s why I’ll tell everyone that my favorite feature on my 24 is the MTM. There are absolutely a couple pretty bad blind spots. If I’m concerned someone may be in my blind spot I’ll activate the camera system so that I can see that area.
  7. 2024 Tacoma Performance Parts For New Engines?

    here is some discussion on the topic. The 2.4L Turbo engine isn’t new for Toyota/Lexus, it’s been in the RX-350/NX-350 and I believe other vehicles for a while. We may have some luck adapting some existing Lexus performance mods for the T24A-FTS...
  8. 2024 Tacoma Performance Parts For New Engines?

    It shows a gauge from 0-15 psi and will fluctuate depending on how much boost is needed. I’d imagine that a programmer could help keep it spooled up higher for longer. A lot of times I’ll be driving a the boost will be at 0 until I give it some throttle. I typically keep mine in sport mode...
  9. 2024 Tacoma Performance Parts For New Engines?

    I hate to void the warranty, but maybe towards the end of the warranty period I’ll slap one on. I’d imagine intake and exhaust would help, and if we could ever get a down pipe, after market Intercooler, a boost controller etc. it would probably be pretty wild for a Tacoma.
  10. First Look @ 2024 Tacoma TRD PRO Build Sheet! Reveals Standard Features + Pricing for FIO/PIO Options, Packages, Accessories

    with the little bit of room I have in the rear of my 24 OR premium I don’t even want to think about how little there will be with the iso seats
  11. Engine oil change / differential fluid change look pretty easy

    I am well versed on that subject. I drained my front diff on my gen 3 the first time I tried to change my oil. It is literally in the spot you would expect that the oil plug would be!
  12. Cold Air Intake?

    the interxooler is shared with the radiator, so it’s not likely to see an aftermarket intercooler.
  13. Just received a build date for my Trailhunter allocation! Standard features confirmed...

    great to hear the good news! Your port stuff isn’t too bad! The spray in bedliner is honestly really nice! I think my favorite stuff are what comes with the premium packages. The cameras on my MTM are amazing, and the softex is great as well… not to mention the 14” screen, is a must have...
  14. 2024 Tacoma Performance Parts For New Engines?

    Thanks brother, I’ll check it regularly. I think with a little tinkering she could be a spicy little taco.
  15. Key Fob Dimensions?

    Will this work for you?
  16. Multiple issues with my new Tacoma

    They come from Mexico, so not in any state.
  17. Detecting Key Fob Inside

    Hey man, we are all learning this truck together, no reason to feel stupid! Glad you figured it out!
  18. Any hard bed covers, all-weather floor mats, or console vault in aftermarket yet?

    I don’t believe they will fit. The clips are spaced about 2 inches further apart on the 2023 vs 2024.
  19. OEM PT206-35242-20 all weather mats do NOT fit manual

    They don’t fit my OR Premium either. The clips on the floor are further apart than the holes on the mats.