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  1. Tacoma VIN Allocation Tracking / Delivery Timeline / Quality Inspection (QC) Hold Status

    I think helpful seeing what is happening with other's trucks and obviously it's relevant to the QC hold.
  2. All QC Hold Released! (according to my dealer)

    AFAIK no dealer is able to look up this info across the entire U.S. since it operates by region. Unless they got a letter from corporate but knowing Toyota... 🤫
  3. TFL's 2024 Tacoma TRD Off-Road 4x4's 4WD Broke Down Deep in the Mountains

    The silver lining here I'm hoping Toyota changes course on the tire choice for the OR. The bad publicity from a prominent YTuber might help push that way. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Tacoma VIN Allocation Tracking / Delivery Timeline / Quality Inspection (QC) Hold Status

    https://www.tacoma4g.com/forum/threads/where-are-all-our-2024-tacomas-right-here-port.2085/ Is this where all the F status trucks are? I think the assumption was they are waiting on PIO install but maybe that's where the QA inspection is if you're saying 95% of the 4500 trucks that have...
  5. [Cause: Wet Connector] My 2024 Tacoma issues:Ultra-sonic detecting and ranging system, drive-start control system, radiator grill shutter, CEL

    Warnings all came on same time? Did you experience any issues along with it or did it drive normal?
  6. Accessories Installed: exhaust tip, bed step, bed cargo divider (molle style)

    That bed step looks good. Any chance you can measure how high off the ground it is when lowered. Hard to tell from the pics.
  7. Dyno Numbers: 4th Gen 2024 Tacoma versus 3rd Gen Tacoma (Stock turbo 4 vs Stock V6)

    Wow torque on par with the V8 Tundra. That's nuts.
  8. Yakima Bed Rack spotted on 2024 Tacoma 4th gen in Puerto Rico!

    Canada gets it first, then Puerto Rico! Is this rollout just throwing darts at a map lol. Jk. I know we got a lot of owners here already here in the states. I'm thinking there is a story behind this one.
  9. Real-Life MPG Thread - Share Your 2024+ Tacoma 4th Gen's Gas Mileage! ⛽

    That's basically dead on with EPA rating. I think TFL was getting similar results on their road trip IIRC. I've read this about the Tundra also. Eco mode is just changing the relationship beteen the angle of the pedal and the torque requested from the engine. Example - if you want 200 lb/ft...
  10. Aftermarket parts on 2024 Tacoma Off-Road by Westcott Designs - Lift Kit, Light Bar, Roof Rack, Rigid Ditch Lights, Method Wheels, Recon Grappler A/T

    Looks great but wonder if there's enough clearance wheel wells looks tight. One thing for sure this truck wont need much for a sweet looking rig.
  11. Underground 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport Dealer Walkthrough [Toyota of Kent]

    Yup this one is even more. $5k ADM. Someone went to see it in person and got a pic of the sticker... $56,577 for a Sport 👎
  12. Official BRONZE OXIDE 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    Bronze Oxide 2024 Tacoma Limited.
  13. First 2024 Tacoma Customer Delivery (Limited in Bronze Oxide)? NOT so fast...

    Someone posted pics of a 24 Tacoma Limited sitting in their driveway which got FB in a frenzy about maybe the first known customer delivery. I was pumped too since it's Bronze Oxide the color I want. But.... I looked into it and this guy is a Toyota employee (Vehicle Product Training...
  14. 2024 Tacoma arrives at a dealership! - Silver SR5

    I thought this wasn't EPA certified yet? Is this just a placeholder? I tried the QR code and got the message "Sorry, we did not find a vehicle for the specified QR Code" from the fueleconomy site.
  15. My Tacoma Off-Road is on QC hold @ Guanajuato plant

    I'm curious, on the allocations sheet, is yours show "DealerHold" status under the Hold Status column?
  16. List: 2024 Tacoma Dealer Allocations (Nationwide) w/ Options, Pricing, ADM Markups & Availability

    Good work @Mackieallan. Just what I was lookng for. As suspected from the other thread, it looks like a bunch of the January deliveries have been pushed to end of month or into February. Timeframes windows have sharpened.
  17. 2024 Tacoma production has begun! 🙌

    Wtf wonder how many this is happening to. I know from @Mackieallan's post that allocations were net positive +600 or so. That only tells part of the story if a lot are being cancelled.
  18. 2024 Tacoma production has begun! 🙌

    That sucks sorry to hear. Was yours showing up on the allocations list before this? If so, has that changed in the last update yesterday?
  19. 2024 Tacoma allocations, colors / packages ordering info coming next week?

    Yes exactly what I meant and you're right, Toyota does not do custom ordering. You just hope that they receive an allocation like it.