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  1. Official BLACK 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    Rare look at a black Trailhunter Tacoma. Along with a listen at the hybrid engine and exhaust.
  2. Trailhunter Hybrid Engine & Exhaust Sounds From 2024 Tacoma i-Force Max

    Engine & exhaust sounds of the 2024 Tacoma Trailhunter -- start up, revs and acceleration.
  3. 2024 Tacoma Dealer Installed Options (DIO) Accessories Parts Guide + Pricing (Updated 5/7/24)

    Added the latest DIO guide (5/7/24) to the first post.
  4. KO3 versus KO2 Tires Comparison -- Side by Side Look and Technical Analysis

    Here's a good side by side comparison look and technical comparison between the BFGoodrich KO3 and KO2 tires
  5. Skid Plate by NYTOP for 2024 Tacoma 4th Gen

    @NYTOP has released their skid plate for 4th gen Tacoma -- "Not Your Typical Skid Plate for the 4th Gen Toyota Tacoma is now in production! Our NYTOP Skid Plate is designed to work in conjunction with our Hybrid Bumper to provide maximum air flow to the radiator for cooling, in order to help...
  6. Official CELESTIAL SILVER METALLIC 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    @gofastdan's 2024 TRD OR Celestial Silver Long Bed Build. See his full build thread at: https://www.tacoma4g.com/forum/threads/dans-2024-trd-or-celestial-silver-long-bed-build.4369/
  7. 2024 Tacoma Post-Production Options (PPO) Guide - OEM / TRD Accessories Parts + Pricing! [UPDATED 5-7-24]

    Added latest version (4/24/24) to the first post w/ additional PPO options and packages. 👍
  8. Tacoma VIN Allocation Tracking / Delivery Timeline / Quality Inspection (QC) Hold Status

    Thank you for everything you've done, Steve. Your contributions here have been a benefit not just to this forum and its users / Tacoma buyers, but to Toyota itself. It's a shame that is not recognized. We are going to keep this thread open for users to continue to discuss their delivery...
  9. Close-up look at 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro FOX Suspension at work

    Official description of the TRD Pro FOX suspension: TRD Pro comes fitted with TRD-tuned FOX® QS3 three-way adjustable internal bypass shocks with remote reservoirs for improved high speed off-road performance and external FOX Internal Floating Piston (IFP) rear bump stops to improve bottom out...
  10. Official BRONZE OXIDE 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    Bronze Oxide trailhunter in motion
  11. Official UNDERGROUND 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    Underground 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro in motion
  12. Official TERRA 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    Terra 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro i-Force Max Hybrid
  13. Official SUPERSONIC RED 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    Hybrid Tacoma Limited in Supersonic Red
  14. Official BLUE CRUSH 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    Hybrid Tacoma TRD Sport in Blue Crush
  15. Official SOLAR OCTANE 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    Hybrid Tacoma TRD Off-Road in Solar Octane
  16. Official UNDERGROUND 2024 Tacoma Thread (4th Gen)

    New TRD Pro Underground photos
  17. Hybrid (i-Force Max) 2024 Tacoma + TRD Pro / Trailhunter SPECIFICATIONS SHEET

    Full specifications sheet for all trims including all Hybrid models, TRD Pro and Trailhunter. [DOWNLOAD PDF]