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  1. mramseyisu

    Is anyone else losing interest in the 2024 Taco?

    I'm in the camp of starting to lose interest. When I first saw them announcement in May or whenever that was I was wanting a TRD pro. I called my preferred dealer and they put me on their wait list, first in line allegedly. I asked them about needing a deposit and was told not to worry about...
  2. mramseyisu

    Hybrid (i-Force Max) MPG Rating in 2024 Land Cruiser Released - Tacoma Guesses?

    That's what I'm expecting too. My guess is 20 City and 23 Hwy on a TRD OR. Maybe if we're really lucky that hybrid will bump up the numbers on my OR to match the Sport numbers for the gas truck.
  3. mramseyisu

    First ever look at Bronze Oxide 2024 Tacoma TRD Sport

    I'm the exact opposite of you. The marketing photos made that color look great but when I see pictures that regular people take I'm not so sure about it. I think it looks like it's got a really greenish hue to it, like an old dirty penny.
  4. mramseyisu

    Heads-Up Display (HUD) on 2024 Tacoma - Like/Dislike?

    My wife's Rav4 has it and it goes away after you hit a certain speed I think.
  5. mramseyisu

    Softek Seats - photos from my 2024 Tacoma TRD Off-Road

    Looks like the seats in my wife's Rav4, that's not a bad thing.
  6. mramseyisu

    2.4L Turbo 2024 Tacoma TRD Off-Road (Air Dam Removed!) MPG Fuel Economy Test by Truck King

    Do those sale numbers include fleet sales which would likely be the SR5 trim in higher volumes?
  7. mramseyisu

    Will the Turbo engine last (reliability / longevity)?

    So I used to work in designing mounting exhaust systems for diesel engines and I don't think that's true. Gas exhaust temps are in the 400-500F range, with a modern diesel aftertreatment exhaust gas temps are similar. edit: stupid unit conversions.
  8. mramseyisu

    Will the Turbo engine last (reliability / longevity)?

    So what in your mind makes a turbo on a diesel different than a turbo on a gas engine?
  9. mramseyisu

    2024 Tacoma Off-Road Package

    I must have a dealer with a lot of pull. We ordered a fully loaded Rav4 hybrid for my wife in May of '22, told them what options we wanted and what color, then it showed up at the end of July. I'm on the Tacoma wait list for a TRD off road hybrid, they called me yesterday asking what color and...
  10. mramseyisu

    2024 Tacoma TRD OFF-ROAD Specs, Prices, Features & Photos

    I'm 95% sure the gas engine comes with these. https://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/auto/tires/trail-terrain-t-a?gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAwP6sBhDAARIsAPfK_wYoz2It-VKzF2kjxo4xxoKo48Cjc9Olkj7TvqNsQU2qyIf0YU7ZfrcaAm4dEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds If I'm reading things right though the hybrid will have a...
  11. mramseyisu

    Did toyota make a mistake by no longer building the v six engine?

    According to that list average price in the US is $3.45 a gallon compared to $4.69 a gallon up there in America's hat. You've got more room to complain than anybody in the US but there are still around 90 some countries that have higher gas prices than you do. You're still under the global...
  12. mramseyisu

    Did toyota make a mistake by no longer building the v six engine?

    Anybody still bitching about gas prices in the US should go take a trip anywhere else in the world that isn't a developing country, rent a car and pay for fuel for a week or two. Our fuel prices on average are right in the middle of the pack globally. It's hard to find lower priced gas than we...
  13. mramseyisu

    Will the hybrid Tacoma be without the alternator, and only a starter for backup?

    Little late to the party here but the hybrid ditching the alternator doesn't really surprise me, my guess is it's running a Bosch DC/DC converter in it's place. As far as the electric AC compressor they're out there but they're pretty power hungry, the ones I'm familiar with consume between...
  14. mramseyisu

    What color 2024 Tacoma are you getting? 🎨

    First choice is the Bronze Oxide and the Blue Crush right behind that.
  15. mramseyisu

    33" inch wheels on a TRD Off Road?

    You can't buy a '24 Ranger period right now, at least not when I do a search for them looking for dealers with inventory. That doesn't change MSRP on them.
  16. mramseyisu

    33" inch wheels on a TRD Off Road?

    With the Ranger Raptor being about $57k and the Colorado Bison being about $60k I can't see the Pro or trailhunter being way more than either of those two if Toyota actually wants to sell any.
  17. mramseyisu

    33" inch wheels on a TRD Off Road?

    So if you want 33’s then you’re waiting until May. I was wondering the same thing. I think I’m all in on the trd off road premium with the hybrid I can’t handle the pro or the trailhunter the more I think about it. I don’t want to give up the rear seat leg room with the stupid seats in the pro...
  18. mramseyisu

    2024 Tacoma MPG Fuel Economy Per Trim (2.4L iForce Engine)

    The TLDR of that is just because they have the same hardware doesn't mean they have the same software. The software will have a massive impact in efficiency.
  19. mramseyisu

    2024 Tacoma MPG Fuel Economy Per Trim (2.4L iForce Engine)

    I work with drive strategy guys all the time in my day job doing vehicle level energy management for off road and have been really getting into the weeds on this lately with a BEV program. Just because two vehicles share a drivetrain doesn't mean the way the torque is applied is the same because...
  20. mramseyisu

    2024 Tacoma MPG Fuel Economy Per Trim (2.4L iForce Engine)

    I don't think the Land Cruiser is all that relevant. I've heard from the head Tacoma engineer in several of these videos say that they're more concerned about torque than fuel economy in their trucks. Seems to me like Toyota has different priorities between their trucks and SUVs.